Aloha Sweet Soul,

It’s time to take a moment to breathe, to bring back all of your energy and get clear on what you want for yourself in your life.  It is time to release what no longer serves your highest good so that you are ready to take Divine Inspired Action and create a life that is filled with even more alignment, love, and joy. Choose to empower yourself with a powerful tool kit to navigate your beautiful life. You are the co-creator on this amazing journey, I am a facilitator, mentor and teacher – together we will create, shift and transform beliefs, clear energy, create new structures and learn new processes that will empower you to dive even deeper and bring in more aligned experiences into your reality.

Empowered Living

Life is beautiful! And sometimes messy, complicated and overwhelming! It can be fun and adventurous, or isolating and unfulfilling. 
Our power, our control, lies in how we engage and respond to the life we are creating and thus the experience we are having in our life.
Empowered Living is about living your best life. This program incorporates a multitude of different energetic healing modalities, reiki, mindset work and transformational coaching practices. Learning how to work with these practices will equip you with a very powerful toolbox of techniques to use and with work for the rest of your life. 
The time is now to live your best life.

Golden Pathway

Everything is Energy and we are POWERFUL Co-Creators of our own reality. In this 60min session we will focus on where you are on your path right now and where it is you want to be. This is a guided energetic healing experience that connects you with your highest aligned path forward in creating your dream life and bringing it into reality.

Soul Essence

This sessions are rich with healing, infused with sacred energy and anchor in activations to support your intentions.
We will connect to the heart of what’s front and center for you right now. Be that overwhelm, anxiety, desire for greater discernment and clarity, and then we shift, transmute, cleanse, and release ….. allowing you to continue to RISE up in your daily life, feeling CONFIDENT in your path, TRUSTING your inner guidance and wisdom, your direction, and moving in FLOW and DIVINE ALIGNMENT.  
Each session includes a custom bracelet (US shipping included) to ANCHOR in the session and continue to work with you to co-create the magic you desire in your life.

Space Clearing

The place we spend the most amount of time (our home, our offices, even our cars) is most supportive when it is a clear, cleansed, and feels welcoming. A place that feels safe, secure, nurturing and supportive. Homes, buildings, offices, cars, they are all energetic collectors of energy and they require maintenance. Space clearing is especially important for those that are becoming more aware of their empathic nature and sensitivity to energy.
Space is precious and deserves to be filled with divine love and light that supports you on all levels, mind, body, spirit. Having your space cleared and cleansed results in better nights sleep (for you and your family, especially young children), feeling calm, safe, and relaxed.