Space Clearing


Homes, bedrooms, offices, cars, businesses, are all examples of physical space that we interact with on a daily basis and these spaces hold energy.

It is important to clear, cleanse and refresh our the space we spend time in.

I specialize in clearing space and creating a space that is loving and nurturing.

I have worked with realtors to clear homes before being put on the market, as well as before new owners move in.  I have worked with businesses that want to increase sales, and home owners that have been renting out.

This is done remotely. The session is between 45-60 mins.

Marianne is amazing and extremely gifted! She did a clearing on our home and I couldn’t believe how different the energy felt afterwards! Prior to the clearing I felt so anxious at home, had a hard time sleeping and our dog paced constantly. After the clearing all that disappeared thanks to Marianne and her magic!”