Soul Essence is about LIVING your Soul’s Purpose, SPEAKING your Soul’s Truth and CO-CREATING the life of your DREAMS.

Soul Essence encourages you to connect with and explore your Inner Wisdom. We invite you to  intuitively choose your jewelry, apparel, and essential oils blends for the purpose of working with them! They are a tool to be used to support you in your life.


Each crystal is bathed in the moonlight under the stars on the Big Island of Hawaii. Crystals are very personal and you will know when you are meant to connect and work with one. Trust your intuition and allow yourself to explore the beauty that Mother Earth, Gaia, share with us.


Our Apparel Collection was created to support you on your spiritual journey. Each design is intuitively designed and created with a specific intention.  Our designs are embedded with 100% pure genuine crystals that have been infused with reiki, sound healing and sacred energy healing.

At Soul Essence we invite you to explore and open your eyes to a new way of shopping.



The Soul Essence Jewelry Collection is a Fun, Intuitive, Shopping Experience.  Connect with your inner wisdom, think about what you are working on in your life, what’s coming up for you, what are your dreams, what do you want to release and what do you to create and welcome into your life. 

Goddess Gifts

Connect to your inner goddess and explore our collection of healing infused sprays and custom crystal infused oil rollerball blends.