Soul Essence Sacred Connection


When we bring clarity to what we want in life and identify our dreams, we bring attention and focus to our hearts desires which allows the energy to flow in and begin to work with us to bring our goals into our reality. 
This is the quickest way to get into action and Co~create. Take a moment to focus on you. Allow the distractions to be what they may be and bring your attention and energy back into your heart.  Focus on what you want to create in your life. The time is now. Claim your desires and bring your dreams into your reality by getting clear on what you want. 
Sink into your heart space, connect with your soul’s truth, your soul’s essence and let it speak to you. Listen to what it has to share with you.
It is time to live from the space of “not only are my dreams possible, they’re happening!!!” It is time to witness your goals being met and your dreams becoming your reality.  
The Soul Essence Sacred Connection is a 60 min energy healing session that begins with you identifying what you want in life, what you are working on and identifying your heart’s desires. 
I then create a custom Soul Essence Bracelet, intuitively bringing in specific crystals to work with you in your life. Each Bracelet is cleansed, cleared, infused with sacred alignments, reiki and healing to activate and align you with your desires. Living intentionally and choosing to wear your bracelet each day, inviting in and allowing all that you are creating in life to unfold and come into your reality. 

Kathy Mullins

I received one of Marianne’s Soul Essence bracelets as a gift and since that time I have purchased five bracelets, had a Sacred Connection session, and used her Liquid Love oil.  I cannot say enough about what a beautifully artistic, positive, genuine, and intuitive person she is. I wear my Soul Essence bracelet every day and it is a reminder of my soul’s purpose and my unique place in this world.  One of the best things about the bracelets is the obvious care that Marianne puts into creating each one. Included with each beautifully wrapped bracelet is a card in which Marianne explains what each bead represents and personalizes it to the recipient.  Each person I have given a bracelet to has been thrilled with this unique gift created just for them.


The Sacred Connection session I did with Marianne was unlike anything I’ve experienced before and I have to admit I was a bit nervous about this exploration.  Marianne, however, with her gentle and healing guidance allowed me to relax and be open to whatever this session would bring to me. With my permission, Marianne connected to my Higher Self and I came away with a clearer understanding of my soul’s purpose in this life.  


The Liquid Love oil is so enjoyable to wear.  I’m not one for strong scents and this is just perfectly subtle and throughout my busy day, it reminds me to stay present and breathe in life’s many pleasures.  


With any of my purchased or encounters with Marianne, I am left feeling uplifted and supported.  Her beautiful soul shines through everything she does. I highly recommend any and all of her creations and services.