Golden Pathway


Activate your Highest Pathway in a 1:1 session

What are your desires?

What do you long to experience, have, or create in your life?

What goals have you set to create your desires?

Getting clear on what you want in life and identifying your goals, is the quickest way to getting into action and showing the Universe what it is you desire. The time is now. Claim your desires and bring your dreams into your reality by getting clear on what you want.

Sink into your heart space, connect with your soul’s truth, your soul’s essence and let it speak to you. Listen to what it has to share with you.

What does it say to you? Are you in the hustle? Do you feel overwhelmed, fatigued, knowing all the while that you don’t have to feel this way? Are you ready for the path ahead to feel smooth, to be easy, for doors to open, to feel aligned each and every day?

It is time to live from the space of “not only are my dreams possible, they’re happening!!!”

It is time to witness your goals being met, your dreams becoming your reality.

The world is changing. Each day we see, feel, and understand slightly more than we did the day before. It’s happening fast. What we are able to do today is different from a month ago, six months ago, last year. It’s incredible!
I have implemented an amazingly powerful process that goes beyond anything I have done in the realm of manifesting.

Clearing the obstacles. Releasing the feelings of being stuck, frozen, permanently paused, not knowing which direction to move in. Clearing beliefs that support this pattern and then moving from your mental body into your heart space.

Sending the energy ahead to open the doors that are most aligned for you. Connecting with the highest potentialities available to you right now. Seeing, feeling, and knowing with clarity what it is that your heart desires and welcoming it, receiving it, connecting to it and inviting it into the present. Allowing it to show itself tangibly.

This tool activates within your body the frequency and vibration of your most aligned path. You will be attuned to this energy that is your unique signature. You will feel lighter, yet grounded and anchored in your next steps forward. You will know when you are on point, on mission, on your path. You’ll know when to pivot, course correct and be able to stay on your highest aligned path. You will release the “junk” and feel joy in your life.

“First of all, if you are someone who wants to quantum leap into your next steps, DO THIS!!
Marianne helped me just this morning get incredible clarity on a path I wasn’t able to see clearly myself and we were on the phone for probably only 15 minutes!
Marianne is truly one of the highest level healers and intuituves I know and one of the very few people I trust with my own energy…She has the ability to connect with your higher self and channel very very clear information in a way that  makes sense and that you can take immediate action on!!
I can’t say enough about this, other than, if you are feeling called to this, just do it, you will be SO glad you did”