Empowered Living


In this program we will create a massive ripple effect of transformation by shifting perspective and belief through healing and high level coaching, to guide and inspire you to create and experience life by awakening, connecting and activating your Soul’s Essence.

Connecting with your Soul’s Essence is the first step to living in vibrational alignment with the greatest version of you.

As you continue to learn, explore, grow and create in this way, you are creating a pattern of evolution whereby you are consistently evolving into the greatest version of your souls truth and expression.

I work with woman who are ready to open up to their Soul’s truth, to the truth that they create their reality and are ready to step into a space of accelerated growth, with solid structures to support them in continuing to explore their highest aligned path.


Alison Sherwood

“I feel so grateful to have dear friends that are coaches and healers.

Monday was a tough day, a lot of shadow stuff came up and my little girl was feeling a bit fragile so I reached out to my dear friend
Marianne who coached me through the process of letting my little girl have a voice and love her up instead of judging her.
I was able to remember that I can let my old stories rise up and out and can check in to see if they have a message but …..also not attach to the old story… remembering that they are from old programming that no longer serves my highest good
Anyways what an amazing coach this women is! Love you Marianne xx”