Marianne Z Gresham

is a certified energy healer, empowerment coach and intuitive designer with 14 years of experience in training, coaching, and product design. Her work is powerful, magnetic, and results in lasting transformations in the lives of those she works with.

Marianne has the ability to see the matrix in our lives; the framework of how we have chosen to interact, respond and connect with our experiences and this create our reality. She views our matrix of infinite potentialities, seeing how each can link and interact together and through frequency and vibration, create the tapestry of our life, our journey, our experience.

With Marianne’s understanding of how different aspects in our life fit together, she brings in a unique blend of transformational coaching and energetic healing work to create space for the highest (most aligned) design of what your soul is longing to create in this world, your dreams, your desires, your passion and soul’s purpose. Marianne sees with great clarity, channels fun analogies and works with you to heal, resolve and then begin navigating the architecture and design of your life, Your Highest Aligned Path.

Marianne will work with you to identify, navigate, and clear obstacles that are keeping you feeling permanently paused, stuck, frozen, indecisive, overwhelmed and anxious.

Clearing beliefs that support outdated patterning and programming as well as unwinding the stories created around those beliefs is a crucial step in becoming consciously aware of how you are co-creating in your life.

Acknowledging where you are and understanding the framework of your current reality is the launching pad to begin to heal and co-create in a new way moving forward.

As beliefs are revealed and truths unfold, life transforms. Marianne will guide you using a unique blend of transformational coaching, intuitive healing and energetic practices that will provide you with the tools to create space for what you want to welcome in and create in your life.

Marianne will show you how to build your own unique structures that work for you in your life and will assist you in cultivating and bringing in the things that your heart desires by showing you how to connect to your souls truths, your soul’s essence. This work is creating massive transformation in the lives of Marianne’s clients, from being able to manage and eliminate anxiety, to feeling empowered in your skin and loving your body, to feeling lighter and more energized.  It will open the door for you to welcome in the stream of PEACE, LOVE, EXPANSION and FREEDOM that you are calling in from your heart.


Life is meant to be lived, it can be stressful and filled with overwhelm and a never ending to-do list, or it can flow with ease and grace, navigating the hiccups along the path, with gratitude for how it is all working out for your highest and most aligned path.

If you are ready to awaken and connect with your Soul’s Essence and activate your life, putting you on the trajectory to your highest aligned path, Marianne is accepting applications for her VIP 1:1 Empowered Living Coaching and Healing. Please click below to apply.